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Re-writing this post for the nth time...
22 years old, Italian. Currently at 4th year of university, studying Law.
Likes: procrastinating, flailing over Super Junior, Kanjani8, Arashi, EXO and B.A.P (mostly), listening to music, watching dramas (here's my dramas list), wasting money (here's my small fandom collection), reblogging everything on Tumblr (here)

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(This post isn't for talking about this, but I've just finished watching the 5th season of Grey's Anatomy and I'm suffering. A lot. And the other day I finished Nine Times Time Travel and that gave me pain too. It also gave my ZE:A's Hyungsik feels, which isn't less painful)

This post exists because this happened
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New Kanjani's album will be released in a month and the radio version of the main track is out. For your information, the title is 'TAKOYAKI in my heart'. Look at my life. Look at the groups I stan.

I don't have any words left so I'll leave this here. Listen to it and be happy, I love you all

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I've wanted to write this post for a long time, I'm not going to lie, guys.
Ever since, on twitter, after seeing another Kris' masterpiece, I thought about Sho's ones and wrote something like "they should met and draw something together". And somehow it led to this madness where I do a list of their similarities.
No, don't give me that look, there are similarities between them. Really.

(this post is heavily influenced by the fact that this summer my external hd died and I lost ALL my Arashi pics)

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So, I've spent the previous week in the usual place, like I do every single summer ( >:/ ). I went to the beach and didn't get tanned (as always) and got in little fights with parents (as always). And there was no internet, and when I got back home I discovered I've been away for, like, the most eventful week of the last months o.o

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Really late, I know, but I wanted to write something about this season, because I liked it a lot!

(but first of all, a minute of silence for my external HD, which definitely died this morning :'( I don't even want to think about all the things I'll have to download... if I'll ever find them sob sob ;_;)

Last Hope
This was aired in winter, actually, but I finished watching it only few weeks ago, so I can write about it only now. The first and most important thing I have to say about this drama is: if you haven't watched it, go and do it. NOW. Even if you don't like medical shows, even if you don't have idea who Aiba is. Even if you think he can't act... no, wait, ESPECIALLY if you think he can't act. You have to watch it.
I was really reluctant, at first, and I wasn't expecting much. I don't like medical things and lately Aiba isn't doing really good dramas, so I was like 'oh, the things I do for the people I like'. But I totally changed my mind after the 1st episode, and, the more eps I watched, the more I liked this drama. It's... it's just really good. And no, I'm not saying this because of the glorious sight of Doctor Aiba Masaki

Aiba's marvellous presence is just a nice extra. His acting is good, the other actors are awesome, the story is intriguing and intricate to the point that you understand everything only at the end, and spend the whole drama asking yourself 'JUST.WHAT.IS.HAPPENING.WHAT.WHAT.WHAT'. It's not one of those dramas that make you laugh with unnecessary comical characters; sometime it can make you smile, but there aren't funny scenes or character.
Each character was developed in a very good way, each one of them has his past, and somehow they're all connected.
I don't really care about medical stuff (I had to learn a lot about it, though, because I've translated this drama in my own language), and I usually don't watch shows about doctors, but the stories they told us in this drama were really good and emotional, they made me cry more than once ;_;
It's a drama that makes you think about many things, the chemistry between the actors is amazing and, like I said, there's also an intriguing story.

Otenki Oneesan
What to say about this drama other than... SHIT. I won't compare it to Hidarime Tantei Eye because... because NOTHING can beat that thing. Absolutely nothing.
You know that I always make those posts with the dramas I want to watch and I write the reason? When I'm skeptical about something, I watch it and I usually change my mind. Usually. Well, that's not the case. In fact, that's what I wrote before starting this drama:

"'The things I do for love' - part 1000000000000
Because when the various cases are solved by detectives, it's perfectly ok. When dumb detectives are helped by Jessica Fletcher look-a-like butlers, it's ok. When the detectives are helped by a cat that can become Matsuko Deluxe... well, they were cute, so IT'S OK. When the cases are solved not by detectives, but by 2 lawyers helped by a locks maniac... mh... at least the locks had something to do with the cases, so it's ok. But when the detectives are being helped by a WEATHER FORECASTER, then, Japan, there's something wrong.
Maybe it's a good thing that there still isn't the trailer, because I'm already here asking myself: 'Ohkura, why are you doing this to me?'. Because I'll obviously watch it only because there's him. I like Emi, but to the point to watch shitty things, so... Ohkura, it's all your fault. I only hope your face will distract me from Sasaki's one."

I've never been more right in my whole life, I swear.
The first episode was actually quite nice, because Emi's character was really peculiar. She somehow reminded me of Kagiheya's Enomoto, because they are both fixated with something, they're involved in crimes they always solve thanks to their obsession, and they have a strange way to approach others. But Enomoto was an intriguing character, they costantly hinted that there was something more, about him. Abe Haruko was just a strange weather forecaster, at the end. Also, Kagiheya's cases were really interesting, Otenki's ones were just plain boring.
The characters were boring too. Ohkura's was too similar to his role in Mikeneko, but worse. It was a mess -.-
I don't want to talk about Sasaki Nozomi's poor acting and dull character because I don't have time to waste.
So, bleah. I don't know how I managed to finish it... it must have been thanks to the power of love.

Last Cinderella
Aka the drama where I saw the Devil in human form. Look at what appeared right in the first episode

And people were complaining about his hair... WHO CARES.

Anyway, the plot was pretty original, for a jdrama, and, hey, they talked about SEX!!! The kisses were typical jdramas-kisses though.
It was pretty nice, nothing extraordinary, but I enjoyed it. There wasn't a character that I really despised (no, wait... MIKI'S MOTHER IN LAW), they were all quite nice, some more than others. I liked the 2 male leads, Haruma and Naohito did a good job. I quite liked Sakura too; I liked the fact that she was a good friend and really didn't care about people's opinion. But I didn't like when she was with Hiroto and behaved like a giggly school girl.

Oh, he keeps intruding~

But I didn't like the ending.
I mean, I was ok with her ending up with Hiroto, because she loved him, and he was such a cute nice guy, but I didn't like her behaviour near the end. She was so indecisive and ended up hurting Rintaro -.- And the final scene was weak :/

One last thing

Kazoku Game
Wow. Just... wow.
As you know, I wasn't excited for a lot of reasons: from the plot, it could have been a quite boring family drama and Sho... Sho isn't a good actor. I was slightly afraid of this drama, I thought it would made me cringe for most of it... and I was so wrong!
The story is interesting since the very first episode, you're costantly asking yourself who the hell is Yoshimoto sensei, what does he want, and what will his next move be. I've spent almost all the drama shaking my head at him, because he's crazy and brilliant at the same time, and all the drama being pissed with the Numata family. They just can't. Stupid, stupid, stupid people. Especially the parents. A lot of people despised Shinichi the most, but I actually felt sorry for him :/
It was really interesting, and somehow creepy O_O

Also because it portraits the actual Japan, all those families who have a double life inside and outside their houses.
The episode where the family discovers everything really hit me, and also the one set in the past when we discover the truth about Sho's character ;_; That one made me suffer ;;
I liked the ending a lot, even if they've trolled us a bit... but I think that the truth lies in the 9th episode. Also because
the actor that played the real Yoshimoto has played horrible evil scumbags in every single drama he appeared in, so he must be the evil one u.u

The cast was really good, the two sons were good too. But... guys, all the awards to Sho!
You know that I'm always criticizing his acting, because I found him inespressive, but this time... this time he did a very good job, I really liked him!! I don't know, maybe he's good with this king of psychotic characters, but he was really good T_T

I was almost forgetting THE THEME SONG. I love it!!
It was really a good drama, Sho's best one so far! WATCH IT. Or Yoshimoto will come to your home~

Soratobu Kouhoushitsu
This drama. THIS DRAMA. THIS DRAMA!!!!!!
Me before starting the drama: "a drama about Air Self Defense Forces? Meh. But I like the main actors let's try it"
After the first 3 episodes: "Mmmmh, it's a bit slow... should I keep watching it?"
Really, if you start watching it, don't let the first episodes fool you. It's a drama that starts slowly, but from the 4th episode onwards it's really beautiful. You start knowing each character little by little (and you'll end up loving each one of them), you'll laugh and cry with them, and you'll ship these two guys like your own life depends from it

I like how Aragaki Yui is lately playing characters that I always love, and Ayano Go... *sighs* He was one of the crazy guys in Crows Zero (2, I think?), and the scary alien with long hair in Gantz PA, but, look. He can also be such a cute snowflake ç___ç

And the whole 'Ina pyon' thing was so adorable I suffered a lot.
The story starts in 2009-2010, and ends in 2013, so they have included the 2011's earthquake. And HOW they've included it T__T I wasn't expecting it and I really cried a lot :(
Actually all the last episodes made me cry ;_;
It was really beautiful, a little treasure, I'm glad I've watched it!!

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Mmmh. Honestly in this season there isn't any drama that I'm really waiting for... I'm writing only the few dramas that caught my attention and I'll try their first episodes, but I'm not thrilled about anything this time :/

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I've been busy with university things (-->exams), so the review of this album arrives only now (and I also needed some days to listen to few songs more), but here it is!

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A mini-post about Arashi's Endless Game, because soon EXO album/MV will be out and I know I'll write something about it too.

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I have to go out soon, but I really have the urge to write this very important, serious and wise post.

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Happy birthday to the laziest, most shameless, hottest princess fatass of all J&A


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